Engineering Solutions for a Better Louisiana

Geotechnical Soil Testing & Investigative Analyses

Every successful project starts with a strong foundation. The engineering team at APS has a diverse background designing both shallow and deep foundations. Led by Sergio Aviles, our geotechnical engineers have the extensive training and hands-on experience to not only see your project through completion but to ensure its sustainability for decades to come.

While each project is different, the insight needed to solve problems efficiently is common at APS. Our properly trained staff has more than 25 years of field and design experience throughout the state, so we’re familiar with the unique challenges Louisiana soils and environments present. To best meet your project’s specific requirements, APS proudly offers a full range of geotechnical analyses and soil testing services, including:


Contractors, buyers, sellers all parties involved in a property transaction have a stake in verifying the site’s environmental viability. APS Design and Testing conducts exhaustive site assessments to identify potential health risks and environmental hazards. Committed to preserving clean groundwater, enhancing waste disposal systems and protecting the Louisiana environment, APS places ecology at the forefront of building a better world:

Civil Design

At APS, we don’t just design buildings, bridges and roads we engineer solutions to today’s toughest challenges. That means not only approving sound plans but recommending better options and stronger foundations. Why our idea of a better world means better roads to keep drivers safe, better communities in which to grow families and better levees to protect Louisiana. We add to every project not just our technical expertise, but also the special insight and ingenuity only a quarter-century of hands-on experience can provide. Among our wide array of design capabilities are:

Construction Materials Testing and Inspection

APS Design and Testing provides cutting-edge laboratory services for construction materials testing and inspection. Our lab is in the process of applying for certification from the USACE and AMRL (AASHTO).

It is a well-established fact that quality and efficiency are essential to the success of every project. APS offers a quick turnaround of sample results, so you can complete your project on time and on budget with materials subjected to state-of-the-art laboratory inspection. Take comfort in the satisfaction of knowing your foundation, pavement and structural components meet the highest standards. Good enough just isn’t good enough at APS not if we’re going to build a better world.